Professional group, familiar atmosphere and the most modern dental technologie is waiting for You.
The competence of our dentists and the level of dental technician’s work provide You satisfaction and Your dreamed smile comes true.
Our clinic is so-called praxis clinic, it works together with our dental laboratory. There is a unique cooperation between our dentists and dental technicians, and that is the guarantee for the high qualified dental works.
Our aim is not only the treatment of the teeth, but the reconstruction of them, and the total satisfaction of our patient’s aesthetic needs.

Our team



Dr. Gábriel András

(orvosigazgató, ügyvezető)

(angol, német)

Miklós Balázs

(fogtechnikus, dentálhigiénikus, ügyvezető)

Dr. Kovács Lilla



Miklósné Greman Katalin


(angol, német)